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As your Premier Distributer, we strive to create value through exceptional, customized service, in-house technical support, reverse logistics program, EOL solutions, and the best distributer test unit policy available in the industry.

Exceptional, Customized Service

Through in-depth, 360 degree market analysis, we create customized processes and solutions relevant to your target audience. Our strategic experts combine proficient industry knowledge with specific market insight and strict negotiation to maximize efficient and profitable supply chain management.

Customized Service

DigiCell leverages almost two decades of global industry experience to provide exceptional strategic sourcing, negotiation, procurement and supply chain management for the distribution of wireless technology at value-added price points.

In-House Technical Support

Digicell offers the support of a dedicated engineering team for all areas of product development and testing. Digicell International works closely with our OEM partners on co-developing customized software and script file settings, that will meet all service providers and MVNO’s requirements in the United States, South America and the Middle East.

Reverse Logistics Program

Will be non manufacture and vendor specific, and will be automated online.

EOL Solution

As wireless technology continues to rapidly evolve, the risk of product obsolescence increases exponentially. Excess inventory can impede service provider market penetration, resulting in customer dissatisfaction and decreased profits.

Distributor Test Unit Policy

We provide test units at no initial invoice cost and complimentary test units pending the test model’s approval and launching.

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DigiCell is dedicated to providing exceptional custom-tailored distribution and supply chain management services.